About me . . .

Well, I am a motorcycle enthusiast since the around 13 years old. My first experience was on a Honda Trail 70 that my grandfather had. I remember highsiding it and sliding down the gravel road then my grandfather making me help him fix the damage.

Flash forward to being a young soldier in the US Army. I purchased a 1973 Honda CB750 from a shop. I rode that bike from Ft. Hood Tx to Tennessee more than a couple of occasions and out to Arizona about the same many of times. 

After exiting the service, I built a 1976 Honda CB750 chopper. I rode that a little while.

I have owned a Yamaha Roadstar and I am on my 3rd Harley dresser. 

I had wanted this to be my full time job but the economy did not pan out so I have a regular job to pay the bills.

There you have it . . .me in a nutshell . . .